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RICH TECH(HK) GROUP CO.,LTD established in 2012 , it specializes in the production of various kinds of speakers and acoustic equipment , and boasts of eco-friendly products in compliance with the RoHS directive according to customers' requirement on product designs .

The factory possesses a variety of hardware processing equipment such as automatic lathes , instrument lathes, thread rolling machines and grinders, and punches of various tons and plastic extruding presses of various grams. With rich experience and capability, the factory,since its founding,has won a good reputation in this industry and accolades from customers at home and abroad for timely delivery and excellent credit.

Our brand R connector, include RCA wire connector, 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm/6.35mm audio jack&plug, speakon powercon plug and panel mount jack connector, XLR connector, DC/TV/DIN connector, binding post and terminals connector, banana plug and jack connector, BNC/TNC/UHF/N/SMA/SMB/SMC/FME/MCX/MMCX and RF Coaxial soldering connector, HDMI/USB Adapter & Connector etc. Products are widely used in military systems,communications and instrumentation industries.

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When you view our brand "R" in CONNECTOR category , you know we called "R" connector , but do you know the story behind the brand name ?

In fact , maybe you can find out our brand "R" in the picture is not just for the letter "R" ,it's for "RT" , we made a special design to combine this two letters "RT" into one letter "R" . And "RT" is derived from "RICH TECH" .

1. 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm/6.35mm Jack & Plug

2. Banana Plugs & Jack

3. Metal Wire Connector

4. HDMI/USB Connector



Rich Tech(HK) Group Co.,Ltd.

1 Block Technology Building, Zhenhua Rd, Futian Shenzhen, China
+0086 755 83216144
+0086 15989512875 (Rich.Lee)
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+0086 15989512875 (Rich.Lee)
+0086 13424375537 (Jane.Bee)